General Differences

School Type

Schools can be academies, private schools, and can be run as well by faith-based groups as well.


It is not a requirement for every school to wear a uniform. Get in touch with the school for information.


Not all schools are free and not all schools are paid. Get in touch with the school to get more information.

Home Schooling

Kids are allowed to receive home-schooling. There’s online and local tutoring available.

Special Educational Schools

State-funded special educational schools cater for children with additional needs. There is a long process for places in these because each situation needs to be evaluated by specialists and can only be accessed with Local Authority support.


They generally cater for children aged 2-4. All children aged 3-4 are entitled to 15 hours of free education per week (term time of 38 weeks a year). You may be entitled to 30 hours of free education at some of these establishments if both parents are working.

Additional Clubs

Many schools and nurseries have options to pay for additional hours with breakfast clubs, lunch clubs, after-school clubs and holiday clubs. There may be occasions when you are not able to pick up your children on time due to work commitments, so you can arrange an after-school club for them.